ennva reusable metal razor replacement parts
Japan stainless steel blade
clean eyebrow blade
ennva sharp hair blade

ennva reusable metal razor replacement parts

ennva reusable metal razor replacement parts

ennva reusable metal razor replacement parts

Product Description

Want To Get Perfectly Sculpted Brows Easily And Fast? We’ve Got You Covered with ennva replaceable blades – 10 pieces!

Need an easy to handle dermaplane razor for trimming your brows or removing peach fuzz from your cheeks? Introducing Premium Japanese Stainless Steel razor replacement blades (x10 pieces) for men and women by ennva! 

Now you don’t have to settle for a peach fuzz razor with a dull blade, an extra-sharp brow shaper that causes you painful cuts, or a mini eyebrow shaver delivered in an open box. The ennva facial razor blades will shape your brows and expertly trim even the slightest overgrowth on your face.

Why Choose ennva Eyebrow Hair Remover blades?

Trim Your Eyebrows To Absolute Perfection: 
Unlike standard face shavers with dull blades, this professional facial hair razor blade has a sharp Stainless Steel blade.  It can easily be attached to ennva non-slip handle razor that can be easily maneuvered around the brows for getting those hard-to-reach spots—like around your arch.

Easy-to-Use, just follow the Three Simple Steps
To attach to ennva reusable eyebrow razor

  1. Find the pit and pull out the blade from the razor

  2. Replace with a new blade

  3. Push the blade, followed by sawtooth movement with the side facing outside with care.

Exfoliate and Rejuvenate Your Skin: 
Our gentle brow trimmer removes facial hair efficiently from any area of your face and leaves your skin velvety-soft. Acting as an exfoliating dermaplaning tool, it smoothes, brightens, and revitalizes your skin. 

Low maintenance 
Simply run the blades under running water after each use. 

Perfect Gift in minimalist ennva design box:
This stylish eyebrow blade makes a stunning gift idea for beauty salon owners and home beauty enthusiasts. Show off your great taste with the best birthday, Christmas, Valentine’s, holiday, or Mother’s Day gift. 

ennva replaceable blades includes:
✔ Sturdy Facial Blade - Premium Japanese Stainless Steel 
✔ Anti-cutting Design on Blade - With Micro-Mesh safety protection
✔ 10 x Replaceable Razor Blades 

Click “Add To Cart” NOW for x10 replaceable blades suitable for ennva metal eyebrow razor.

Material: Premium Japanese Stainless Steel  
Package Dimensions:  9.8 x 5.41 x 1.4 cm
Package Weight: 9 Grams
Warranty: 1 year warranty

In the box
10 x Replaceable Razor Blades by ennva