Simplifying your self-care routine.

In our modern era, the world of beauty calls for many things: aesthetic, functionality, versatility and effectiveness, all while taking care of our planet.

But we understand, it can be tough to tick all the beauty boxes when you’re also trying to tick-off your daily to-do list.

Welcome to the ennva razor - a modern, biodegradable and versatile beauty essential designed to make your self-care routine as smooth as your skin.

Born in 2019, ennva was created with simplicity in mind - minimal design, quality materials and an uncomplicated approach towards everyday beauty, making it accessible, easy-to-use and affordable for all. From trimming your eyebrows, removing fine facial hair and exfoliating your skin for a radiant, youthful glow, the ennva razor is the perfect, multi-purpose tool that simplifies your daily self-care routine, bringing ease, joy and authentic beauty within your everyday life.

Blending years of research, dedication and an ethical manufacturing process, the ennva facial exfoliator + eyebrow razor is the sentiment of sustainability. Made from 100% biodegradable wheat and corn straw, stainless-steel blades and eco-friendly packaging, we’ve replaced plastic with purpose to nurture your beauty while also nurturing the future of the one place we call home: Mother Earth.