Biodegradable Eyebrow Razor

ennva eyebrow razor is made with disposable materials like corn straw and wheat, making it comfortable for handheld and friendly to the environment. This stainless-steel blade is made in Japan with sharp and anti-cutting design, durable and safe to use.

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Elegant Metal Razor

ennva Reusable Metal Razor is a long-lasting and premium quality razor for men and women. Friendly to the environment. Sharp and durable.

Hair Remover Blades

Premium Japanese stainless steel razor replacement blades.
Little financial burden to replace blades at frequency, per each blade price as low as $0.99.
Smooth and healthy skin at a low cost!

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What People are Saying


Sharp and sturdy!!!!

"Perfection, these razors do a fantastic job, they’re sturdy and the blades is sharp. You will not have that flimsy or dull blade problem with these. I will spend the extra money to have something that is sturdy with a sharp blade then spend the same amount of money for more blades that do a crappy job."


First dermaplaning tool that didn't irritate my face!

"I have sensitive skin so it's hard to determine what I can use on my face. I was a skeptic about these after I had already spent $75 on the Stacked dermaplane tool and broke out terribly. I figured it was worth a shot. They did not irritate my skin at all and got rid of all the peach fuzz ! "



"I absolutely love everything about this product. Yes, it removes those baby hairs. Yes, it exfoliates and exfoliates well. I even used it on my chest and shoulder areas. It’s also very easy to use and hold."

Gintel Gee

Fancy Schmancy Razor

"This razor is excellent. The weight makes it more comfortable to hold. The shape of the blade means less accidents (so far, I've had no accidental cuts/scars). My eyebrows have looked so clean. ennva's done a wonderful job in elevating this simple product. I'll definitely use this razor for a long time."